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Alegion Control - The New Self Serve Data Labeling Platform

Today, the team is excited to announce Alegion Control, our  first ever self-serve video annotation solution. With enhanced capabilities, Alegion Control can save you up to 80% on labeling time.

This new self-service software was created to give data labeling teams more control to be able to manage their own annotation projects and workflows for computer vision artificial intelligence applications.

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This launch allows customers to have complete access to our powerful new platform equipped with advanced capabilities, next-generation annotation tools, and automation. By providing ML teams with a resource that they can manage themselves, and that produces quality training data, we are helping them save time and money.

Alegion Control's capabilities include; responsiveness at any length or scale of video, reducing labeling time as much as 80%, and supporting complex labeling and large scale collaboration.

David Mather, new President and CEO of Alegion says, "Alegion Control is just the beginning of our SaaS offering." Although video data is the only labeling service currently offered with Alegion Control, the  platform plans on expanding into other areas of annotation soon after.

Read the announcement here.

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