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Calling All Data Scientists - Survey for Alegion 2021 State of the Industry

Each year, Alegion releases our analysis of the AI / ML space. We call upon expert data scientists who are deploying world-changing projects to answer a brief survey on how their projects are going and what challenges they may be running into. 

If you are a data scientist and would like to participate in the survey, there is a bonus - we are giving away a free iPad to a lucky survey respondent!

This is a crucial time for AI/ML. We’re seeing explosive growth and huge advances: vast amounts of data available, the rapidly increasing number of potential applications, and the ground-breaking progress in health, sports, retail, and business productivity.

Take the ML Survey

But we’re also seeing challenges: biased data, errors in data, a scarcity of the right kind of data, privacy and security issues, and slow ramp-up time for many models.

We want to know: how do you see the current AI/ML landscape? What challenges and opportunities are most important to you?

Once you take 7 minutes to fill out this survey, the data collected will be aggregated and shared back with you so you can understand how your peers are viewing the current market state and the road ahead.

Thanks for your feedback and insights. We’re excited to be living through this time in our industry with you. 


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