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Choosing a data labeling partner

An expert data labeling partner must be able to deliver quality annotations, advanced labeling platform technology, project delivery expertise, and a scalable workforce to accelerate your ML initiatives.


The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in particular, has become essential for companies that want to deliver innovative products or services, improve productivity, and disrupt their industry. In order to bring these AI solutions to life, a large amount of high-quality labeled data is required to feed and train ML models. Your ML System is only as good as the data that trains it so it is especially important data labeling partner understand:

alegion checkmark 120sq The platform technology, tooling & security

alegion checkmark 120sq The expertise of the team & process

alegion checkmark 120sq Quality control strategies

alegion checkmark 120sqScalability requirements

In this guide, we walk you through the steps & provide a checklist with all of the necessary insights needed to choose the right ML partner.

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