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Data Science for Business

The landscape of every industry is shifting towards automation. Whether you are in software, retail, health, robotics, defense, or any other industry, AI and ML will continue to revolutionize your business model. To evolve your competitive advantage, you need a data science team to develop and support the full life-cycle of your automated systems. 

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In this podcast episode Melody and Nikhil chat with Alegion CTO Chip Ray about the foundational elements of a strong data science department, the mix of skills, horizons, and expectations unique to each team depending on their objective, and why data engineers deserve as much respect and glory as the data scientists. Finally, they bust up some prevailing myths about data science as a discipline and warn against seeking out magical creatures like the so-called “data science unicorn.”

We are so excited to be included in Feedspot's Top 10 AI Podcasts & Radio You Must Follow in 2019. It is an honor to be mentioned among these fantastic podcasters!

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