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First Blog Post

A Community that Explores Structured Data and Its Importance in the Pursuit of Superior Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI) holds tremendous promise for the future.

But the only way that promise is realized is through responsible growth, starting with those who deliver highly structured data, or what Alegion likes to call Ground Truth.

In this space or blog, Alegion will deliver news about that pursuit, whether it relates to Alegion or other catalysts and thought leaders in the space.

We will also, from time to time, explore how the crowd impacts other important areas aside from AI, like content categorization and image categorization, as well as content moderation, image moderation, and UGC moderation.

But the real bread and butter of this blog will be:

  • an exploration of what facilitates good AI training data and machine learning datasets;
  • why the validation and scoring of AI/ML algorithms is important; and
  • the intrinsic value of human-in- the-loop exception handling.

To that end, we invite all perspectives about these important issues and we can all do a better job of achieving the objective of delivering ground truth and realizing the full potential of artificial intelligence.

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