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Gartner: Artificial Intelligence Demands That CIOs Foster a Data-Literate Society

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The headline tells the story.

CIOs are increasingly recognizing the value of high-quality training data as they embrace their artificial intelligence initiatives, according to the industry experts at Gartner, Inc.

The analysts at Gartner recently published the following white paper, which Alegion is excited to make available to you at the following link:

Alegion matches manual digital tasks from large companies with its host of skilled, on-demand workers, delivering unprecedented quality and scale to its customers.

“Behind every judgement and every task is a real person,” said Alegion CEO Nathanial Gates. “He/she is using their knowledge, skill, and experience to not only complete a task, but also provide context, emotion and humanity that machine intelligence cannot achieve.”

That human involvement is the lynchpin for high-quality training data, which, according to the CIOs in the Gartner paper, leads to successful AI deployments. Click here to read the white paper:

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