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How Alegion Guarantees Quality

With the rapid growth of Machine Learning initiatives, high quality labeled data is a competitive advantage. Many teams start out drawing from the same pre-trained data or open source datasets. However, the ability to convert raw data to model-ready data can be a real differentiator for organizations. Having contextually-labeled data to use for training and validation of models is a requirement for long-term success with Machine Learning.

Since high quality labeled data speeds time to production and propels model performance at each stage of its lifecycle, having a labeling vendor that can guarantee high data quality at scale to power your model to production is crucial. Alegion is the solution for high quality with a platform to handle even the most complicated use cases and an expert customer success team to ensure quality is achieved for even the most sophisticated labeling needs.

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This white paper shows how Alegion is able to guarantee quality through our platform, our CS team, and use of ML. Learn what it is like to partner with Alegion.

Alegion guarantees the quality of our data and we have proven our ability to deliver. We have defined annotation industry best practices while labeling tens of millions of records for enterprise AI and ML teams. With an ML-integrated platform built to produce the highest quality annotations at scale, dedicated specialists focused on understanding your problem space, and management of the workforce to ensure the annotations delivered will optimize model performance, labeled data becomes a competitive advantage. Alegion is the proven partner to build the training data pipeline that will fuel your model throughout its lifecycle.

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