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How Alegion Stacks Up Against the VA Competition

Putting Alegion Control To The Test

Over the past 2 years, we have been refining and perfecting a VA system that includes native 4K video support, a built-in model for associations between labeled entities, and an unmatched UX to save annotators time and reduce cognitive load.

Of course we wondered how does our video annotation (VA) solution compare to the competition? How can we truly know if we have the best video annotation solution on the market?

We knew these questions mattered to our customers, so we began asking them ourselves as we launched our latest and greatest VA solution, Alegion Control.

Today, we’re releasing the results from a highly illuminating experiment we ran comparing the Alegion solution to two other leading competitors.


How Alegion Stacks Up Against the Competition

One of our top priorities was to build a solution for video annotation that was not just derivative of image annotation tools. The complexity and density of annotations for video data is immense, and annotators need tools that are designed to handle multiple entities (and associations between entities) over time.

Spoiler: the experiment confirmed just how valuable our efforts are as we observed how much less time it took annotators to produce high quality labeled data using our solution.

Check out the full explainer here to learn about the competitors we looked at, how we designed the use case, and why we were thrilled with the results.

Want more context on how we built a platform specifically designed video annotation? Chip Ray, CTO, has written a series about some of the technical solutions we developed (read Part 1 here) and product designer and UI/UX expert has a detailed piece on designing the UX of the platform for annotators.

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