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Moving on up...

...to the second floor. We’re growing. And we’re starting to feel the pain. Recently, we’ve had to take over the second floor of our east side Austin offices. Now we’ve got more conference rooms, seating areas, desk spaces, and breakfast tacos.

Every company goes through the office rearrange as they grow. Who sits where? Near whom? We’d been really intermingled in our one story office, but we now have room to spread out.

Our mighty marketing team is now sitting next to our customer success team in “the woods”. The woods is what we call an open office area that happens to have 3 different wood floor coverings competing for square footage.

Customer success is our largest group. The team consists of account and project managers, engineers, and coordinators. We thought we knew what they did and how they worked from our ongoing discussions, but being so close we’ve learned a lot more about how they take care of our customers. They become integrated parts of our customers’ AI teams, and really go out of their way to solve problems and to deliver beyond expectations. But dear god they are noisy. Seriously, they are constantly and openly collaborating with each other.

Time for the headphones again...

If having mismatched flooring made us own that and slap a name on the space, you know that opening up the previously blocked stairwell wasn’t going to go unnoticed and uncelebrated. Our CEO’s sister is an artist. Look what she did. We stepped around her for a few days while she created this tribute to Austin, Kuala Lumpur and Cairo, three cities where Alegion's has an official footprint.


We lugged boxes up the stairs and assembled our own conference room chairs. Now the second floor is really starting to look like Alegion. It’s an exciting time to be here, and a really exciting time to be in AI. You can feel it in the office and you can hear it in our animated discussions on our way to lunch together.

Does this sound like your kind of place? Because if it is, we’re hiring. Join us.



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