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NeurIPS 2019 Review - Insider's Guide

NeurIPS is the machine learning research conference of the year. Although it has been around for 33 years, it has quadrupled in the last five, peaking at 13,000 attendees. NeurIPS is mostly attended by academics (PhD candidates and Post Docs), with a good representation of ML practitioners from industry like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Alegion. The purpose of the conference is to foster the exchange of research on Neural Information Processing Systems, a field that benefits from a combined view of biological, physical, mathematical, and computational sciences. The conference also typically publishes several seminal papers that move ML forward. 
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In this episode, Alegion’s Chief Data Scientist, Cheryl Martin, and Director of Engineering, Brent Schneeman, share the inside scoop on everything from the best talks, papers, and emergent themes to the shift in focus toward diversity and inclusion including workshops for a host of groups including Women in Machine Learning, Black in AI, LatinX in AI, Queer in AI, {Dis} Ability in AI, and Jews in AI.
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