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Part 2: Building a Video Annotation Platform

Alegion Control - A Behind the Scenes of This Powerful New Tool

It’s no secret that video annotation use cases and needs for high quality video training data have soared over the last few years. Yet market solutions have struggled to keep video annotation efficient, cost effective, and user friendly....until now. 

Today, in this part 2 of a 3 part series covering a year of intense experimentation and development, we reflect on how we built a transformational solution to address the 7 major pain points of video annotation. We knew that if we could solve for the goals of our clients, the benefits would be tremendous across use cases and verticals.

Alegion Control is built to enable:

  1. Long videos - minimum runtime of an hour
  2. High resolution video - minimum of 4K resolution
  3. Large number of annotations - 500,000 minimum
  4. Responsive UI - no perceptible degradation regardless of video length or annotation count
  5. Efficient UI - great U/X even with 1000s of objects. 
  6. No video pre-processing - support what the browser supports while detecting and managing underlying video issues
  7. Scalability - support >1K simultaneous annotators without performance degradation

One partner described Control as “generations ahead” of the competition, but our quest for excellence did not come easily. 

Part 2: Building A Scalable VA Platform

We cover the necessity of building expertise, through experimentation, not just tooling and infrastructure; the benefits of a naive implementation; the kind of culture you need in order to experiment successfully; and the technical solutions the development team used to deliver key results.

Have you read part 1? Want more context on the initial challenges of video annotation? Read Part 1 here for the behind the scenes history of Alegion Control.

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