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How To Define Quality Data Labeling

This short guide will help you establish an unambiguous set of rules that d...
1 minute read

CV & ML - Visual Understanding Beyond Object Recognition

CV is everywhere! From Snapchat filters to YouTube video buffering to medic...
2 minute read

New Use Cases & Highlights from ICCV 2019

ICCV is a hotbed of innovative ideas and technology aimed at giving the gif...
3 minute read

Methods of Video Annotation

Annotated videos hold the future for training computer vision models. Learn...
2 minute read

Deep Learning for Object Detection Part II

Introduction to a more in depth piece about Fast R-CNN and the innovations ...
2 minute read

CV: what does it mean to "see"?

Aristotle observed the link between our desire for knowledge and our deligh...
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Survey says: model confidence is built on a lot of training data

New survey reveals a concrete definition of “huge” in reference to 72% rep...
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New survey shows ai and ml are still nascent

Breaking news: A global survey shows AI is still in its infancy and poor da...
2 minute read

The Primacy of Flexibility

To address both volume and complexity, a computer vision labeling and annot...
2 minute read

ODSC East 2019

The AI space is maturing and training data is feeding the growth.
2 minute read

Data Engineering, Prep, and Labeling for AI 2019 - They’re not wrong

Report delineating the requirements and hurdles of data preparation, as wel...
1 minute read

We've integrated computer vision capabilities into our training data platform

In a press release this morning we announced new computer vision capabiliti...
2 minute read

Lunch and Label Survival Guide

Lunch and Label is a popular tactic among the Training Data DIYers. Data Sc...
2 minute read

Sample Bias

With sample bias in machine learning in computer vision, natural language p...
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Sophisticated Training Data Leads to AI Program that Spots Wildlife Poachers

Sophisticated Training Data Leads to AI Program that Spots Wildlife Poacher...