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Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning

| Author Don Roedner, tagged in machine learning challenges, Machine learning, ml learning, types of machine learning, training data, Trade Show

June has been a wild, all-hands-on-deck kind of month! We went out into the field to converse with customers and research scientists on the cutting edge of AI and ML as sponsors of 5 conferences: CVPR, International Conference on Machine Learning, Energy Drone & Robotics Summit, O'Reilly AI Conference in Beijing, and AI World Government. 

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We're in the news!

| Author Don Roedner, tagged in machine learning challenges, Press, impact

Alegion sponsored Dimensional Research to conduct a survey of 277 data scientists and other AI professionals in large companies across nearly 20 industries to determine their use and development of AI and ML projects. Their findings suggest that for many organizations it’s still early days for the technology and many of them are struggling specifically with ML training data.

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Define the Problem then Create the Solution

| Author Alegion, tagged in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning challenges, Uncategorized, Machine learning, ml learning

Machine learning (ML) enables computers to “discover patterns and relationships in data instead of being manually programmed.” This science to date is already impacting the way we live, “driving everything from Netflix recommendations to autonomous cars.” However, the more experiences that are built with ML, the more obvious it becomes that UXers are still in a learning phase when it comes to controlling the technology.

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