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The Alegion team is excited to announce not only some new cool updates to our platform, but also to announce the launch of our new quarterly newsletter from Alegion: The Keypoint, your authoritative source for product, platform, service, and industry updates.

At Alegion, we are proud of our clients’ work and are always committed to customer and partner success through continuous product and service innovation.

Today, we are excited to share the latest capabilities of project based roles in Control, enhancements for annotating long videos, and The Alegion Video Validator. 

Project Based Roles in Control

Alegion Control provides complete self-serve access for video annotation. Control now includes expanded user roles and the ability to assign the newly added annotator and reviewer roles at the project level. This gives Control administrators greater flexibility to limit what projects a given user can access and what tasks they can perform. 

Administrators will continue to have full access to the Control platform for managing team members and projects, working/reviewing records, and exporting results. Users given the new Annotator role will only be able to annotate new records and only within the projects they’ve been assigned. Users assigned the new Reviewer role can annotate new records and review records already annotated, as well as make corrections, for records within the projects they’ve been assigned that role. 

Project Based User Roles

A given user can be assigned an Annotator role in one or more projects while also being designated a Reviewer role in one or more different projects. These new roles and project-level assignments power robust annotator management, enabling completely different teams of annotators and reviewers to work on only their assigned projects.

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Enhancements for Annotating Long Videos

The Alegion platform is purpose-built for video annotation, including the ability to annotate 4K and long-running videos without breaking them into smaller clips. Browsing and navigating full-length videos can present unique challenges when annotating and reviewing work, especially when coupled with a large number of entities and annotations. 

VA UX Nav Thumb

To enhance usability when working with large videos, a number of enhancements have been added to the video annotation experience including:

  • Keyframe navigation panel - easily view all keyframes for visible entities in a list format and jump to specific keyframes
  • Keyframe navigation buttons - skip keyframe to keyframe along with the timeline view for a selected entity
  • Thumbnail preview - easily browse video segments when scrubbing along with the timeline view with thumbnails of the given frame
  • Time-based display and navigation - quickly alternate between time-based and frame-based display and jump to a specific point in the video based on timestamp or frame number

Video Validation

With the spread of video-based recording devices, there is an increasing number of video formats and methods to efficiently transfer video data. Differences in these formats can cause challenges in generating frame-accurate annotations. 


The Alegion platform supports the most common video formats and to ensure the highest accuracy possible, includes the Alegion Video Validator which can be used to detect and resolve potential issues. The validator can identify and address numerous issues including:

  • Detecting problematic files such as those with inconsistent frame rates
  • Removing duplicate frames artificially inserted to smooth out lower frame rate videos
  • Converting videos to file formats that support browser-based playback
  • Generating a remediated video made available with exported annotations

The Alegion Video Validator can be downloaded and run locally on your own videos before uploading them into the Alegion platform or it can be a part of your data pipeline into Alegion.

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