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Tips for Using Alegion Control as a Self-Managed Video Annotation Service

In the following tutorials and project features, you’ll get a behind the scenes look at the tooling and features of our powerful platform.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Video Annotation

What makes video annotation so powerful? It’s the CONTEXT video provides. Our CRDO explains more in this introduction to annotation video.

Alegion Video Annotation Overview

Now, check out this guided tour of annotation fundamentals in the platform itself. This walk-through lets you experience the beauty of the thoughtful UX/UI built into Alegion Control.

Alegion Tutorial: Video Annotation Fundamentals

With Alegion Control, data science teams can directly manage an entire annotation project from start to finish. This video walks you through the ways Alegion Control makes self-management of projects a breeze.

Alegion Product Overview: Using Alegion Control for Self Managed Annotation Projects

User Roles and Projects for Easy Video Annotation Management

Alegion Control provides complete self-serve access for video annotation. Control now includes expanded user roles and the ability to assign the newly added annotator and reviewer roles at the project level. This gives Control administrators greater flexibility to limit what projects a given user can access and what tasks they can perform.


Alegion Product Feature: Project Set Up in Alegion Control


These new roles and project-level assignments power robust annotator management, enabling completely different teams of annotators and reviewers to work only on their assigned projects. This video shows you how easy it is to set up teams of annotators and reviewers within the Alegion Control platform.

Alegion Product Feature: Set Up Annotation Teams in Control with Project Roles

Tooling and Features to Speed Up Video Annotation

This next series of videos is all about tooling and features. Once you’ve set up your projects and teams, it’s time to maximize the power of the platform to help annotation scale efficiently.


Surface Actions

The benefit of surface actions is simple: 1) save time by eliminating mouse clicks and travel and 2) Improve accuracy by setting classifications and associations right as they occur. By drastically reducing mouse travel and clicks, Alegion's surface actions feature increases video annotation efficiency and quality, while reducing annotator fatigue.

Alegion Product Feature: Surface Actions


Search and Filter

This video explores one of our most powerful features: search and filter. This is one of the capabilities that allows our self-serve video annotation platform to scale with the most complex projects and use cases. Entity search and filter is especially useful in projects with dense or complex annotation.

Alegion Product Feature: Search and Filter


Project Preview

Alegion Control’s project preview feature is designed to help you quickly power multiple proof of concept and pilot projects through rapid iteration. This feature makes it simple to get your projects ready for production faster.

Alegion Product Feature: Refine Your Ontology Faster with Project Preview


Associations and Entity Relationships

Retail check-out scenarios? Skeletal keypoint annotation? Associations in Alegion Control are a powerful way to capture interactions between labeled entities. Learn how associations enable you to model entity relationships in your Alegion ontology, and make it simple for annotators to capture these relationships in video and images.

Alegion Product Feature: Using Associations to Annotate Entity Relationships


Finally, a Platform that Treats Video as First-Class Data

Want more context on how we built a platform specifically designed video annotation? 

Chip Ray, CTO, has written about some of the technical solutions we developed and product designer and UI/UX expert, Lee Brenner, has a detailed piece on designing the UX of the platform for annotators.

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