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Webinar Recording: Building ML Models From the Ground Up with Video Data

A Webinar Hosted by IoT World

In this webinar recording, Alegion’s Chief Technology Officer, Chip Ray, explores why and how the use of video as a data type within machine learning is exploding. 

Access the recorded webinar through IoT’s ON24 console.

Key Takeaways

  • Key trends and innovation drivers like model and resource availability, inference at the edge, and data curation
  • Data labeling for video data provides rich, temporal context for events and pose estimation
  • This data is being applied to emerging use cases in retail, hospitality, security, health care, manufacturing, and more
  • There are media, workforce, and efficiency challenges involved in engineering unique data annotation solutions
  • A data labeling partner who has the platform, experts, and workforce can help you build the right machine learning infrastructure




Chip Ray, Chief Technology Officer at Alegion

Chip Ray has a passion for building products that appear to defy gravity and solve tough customer problems. Chip started out building solutions for film and broadcast post-production, which led him deep into the dark realms of real-time file systems and shared storage networks. He spent many years leading a product group at NetApp, building advanced storage products for the enterprise. Prior to Alegion, he ran Product at NodeSource where he led the successful launch of an enterprise-grade Node.js solution. Chip has a love for building awesome teams which in turn create great products.




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