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What does Alegion do?

We’ll be at O’Reilly AI Summit this week. This is how we expect it to go, because this is how many conversations go for us at conferences.
Attendee: What do you guys do?
Us: We help enterprises, or companies with enterprise-scale ML projects, get the training data they need. Do you have a project?
From there, the story usually goes something like this….
..We started a project…
… POC went great...
...We wrote the algorithm and prepared our own training data for the POC…. Project got funded.
… We tried to keep doing our own training data prep… but we don’t have the people or the tools to do it at the scale we need...
… Now we’re over budget and behind schedule and we still don’t have enough training data to go into production...
… I sure didn’t think as a data scientist I would end up spending my days and nights drawing boxes….
This is not unusual at all. A frustrated data scientist or project lead involved in a highly visible project that is stalled for lack of training data.
So, here's what we tell them...
We take training data labeling and annotation off your plate. All of it.
We bring the platform, people, and processes required to enrich your raw data according to your project requirements. We give you back ground truth.
You go focus on your algorithm, model confidence, and project ROI. We’ll deliver you high-quality training data at the volumes you need that you weren’t able to achieve on your own. We got you.
With conference goers relaxed and confident that we understand their frustrations and can deliver training data, the rest is usually small talk. Which isn't so predictable...
Does any of this sound familiar? Email us. We can help. If you are going to be at O’Reilly AI in New York City stop by the Alegion booth, #502.
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