As a Data Engineer at Alegion, you will work on an Agile team focused on developing Machine Learning models and APIs for Alegion’s AI Enablement Platform. Your primary work will involve interaction with  data scientists, architects and Machine Learning engineers to evolve and optimize our architecture as well as optimizing our data acquisition, selection, and conditioning pipeline.



  • Design and implement data infrastructure and processing workflows to support running statistical and ML models, data analysis and data science processes
  • Build robust, efficient and reliable data pipelines consisting of diverse data sources and transformation techniques
  • Condition large, complex data sets for input to APIs and Machine Learning models
  • Design and develop real time streaming and batch processing pipeline solutions using Kafka or other streaming platforms
  • Ensure that image and video data is preprocessed and conditioned for use in visual workflows
  • Work closely with the Product Owner to groom user stories, including providing implementation details, estimating effort, and contributing to acceptance criteria
  • Develop clean, well-designed, reusable, scalable code following TDD practices
  • Strive to achieve a high level of unit, integration and acceptance test coverage
  • Pair program with fellow engineers and perform code reviews of their design and code
  • Share knowledge with peers in dev shares, code dojos, and lightning talks
  • Embody Alegion’s cultural values in your everyday work and interactions



  • Bachelor’s or Master's degree in Computer Science or related field
  • 5+ years of experience owning and building data pipelines
  • Extensive knowledge of data engineering tools, technologies and approaches for both batch and streaming environments
  • Proven experience building or extending data platforms from scratch for data consumption across a wide variety of use cases (e.g data science, ML, etc)
  • Experience with data transformations, API wrappers and output formats used with Machine Learning
  • Ability to absorb business problems and understand how to service required data needs
  • Demonstrated ability to build complex, scalable systems with high quality
  • Experience with multiple data technologies and concepts such as Airflow, Kafka, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, MapReduce, SQL, NoSQL, and Columnar databases
  • Experience in one or more of Java, Scala, and Python
  • Experience with serverless technologies a plus (e.g. AWS Lambda)
  • Hands-on, in-depth experience with AWS or other cloud infrastructure technologies
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment preferred
  • Machine learning and Computer Vision experience a big plus, but not required
  • Start-up experience and entrepreneurial spirit highly preferred
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written, presentation)
  • Ability to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced environment



We have methodically built a strong team of talented software engineers from the best companies in Austin and other locations. We adhere to the Alegion Engineering Manifesto, a set of principles we follow in our everyday execution and interactions. Our software engineers work in small, co-located Agile teams, each team with a dedicated Product Owner. We constantly iterate on what we build and how we execute. We value learning and continuous improvement above all.

The pillars of our Engineering organization:

  • Technical Excellence
  • Flawless Execution
  • Innovation
  • Continuous Improvement



Do you want to help work in the most exciting and impactful technology space of our time? Do you want to serve those who want to work and create new opportunities in the global workforce?

Alegion is transforming how enterprises execute on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning projects, while transforming the way people work. Our AI enablement platform integrates human intelligence at scale into the creation of high-quality training data, the validation and scoring of AI models and real-time exception handling. We do this through our advanced data and task management platform and our growing network of on-demand trained human data specialists. By combining human intelligence and artificial intelligence, Alegion processed large-scale and complex data tasks provide the context, emotion and humanity that machine intelligence cannot achieve while delivering the highest quality results, at scale, and at the most effective cost.



Alegion’s AI Enablement Platform is a robust technology system that supports a wide array of data processes designed specifically for AI, ML, NLP, Computer Vision and Deep Learning systems. It provides the ability to define and configure complex data task workflows including multi-step and conditional paths for text, photo, video and audio. It also manages the distribution of tasks to human data specialists based on required skillets and other criteria and has built-in quality control processes that provide exceptional data quality, predictable pricing and scale to process large volumes of data-intensive tasks.



  • We have a well-defined mission, and strongly-held core beliefs and cultural values
  • We promote a workplace where employees can make an impact beyond financial results
  • We believe in being truly Agile in every decision, action and interaction
  • We recruit talented employees who are a strong fit for our culture and high-performing teams
  • We value learning and teaching, and heavily invest in employee development and growth
  • We foster a collaborative, team-focused and autonomous work environment



  • Competitive health and insurance benefits
  • Competitive total compensation package
  • Meaningful stock grants
  • Open PTO plan
  • 12 company-paid holidays
  • 401K



  • East of downtown Austin, less than a mile from the light rail station
  • Within walking distance of some of the best culinary eateries in East Austin

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