Accelerate confidence in your AI with the Alegion training data platform

Our full-service platform integrates the best of human and machine intelligence
to deliver structured, contextual training data for enterprise-class AI systems in the retail, automotive, government, financial, and medical industries.

We accelerate model development at each stage of the AI lifecycle, mitigating risks associated with AI experimentation and eliminating the need for data scientists to acquire, label, and manage quality control of their training data.


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How we accelerate your AI model development

Our dedicated teams of experienced data and AI professionals design, manage, and optimize tailored data task workflows and ML-augmented quality controls for end-to-end training data preparation, model testing, and exception handling. We curate task-appropriate specialists and provide readiness training, resulting in a solution powered by the Alegion platform integrated with managed human intelligence at scale that delivers precise results while optimizing for time and cost. 


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The Alegion Training Data Platform



Task Distribution and Workflow Design

The Alegion platform supports sophisticated data task configurations including multi-step and conditional workflows needed for complex training data. It optimizes workflows to continually improve task efficiency and manages the distribution of tasks to trained data specialists based on configurable skill set and performance requirements. The platform also includes built-in quality control processes that intelligently monitors and manages data specialist performance and per task escalation workflows . 



Flexible Crowd Composition

The Alegion platform offers flexibility for sourcing human intelligence, including the ability to supply private or specialized workforces and create hybrid workforces that leverage Alegion’s own data specialists and partners, while maintaining the benefits of Alegion’s quality controls and task management capabilities. This expands Alegion’s ability to serve customers with a wide array of training needs through the creation of purpose-designed workforce, the ability to “bring your own crowd” of domain or geographic specialists, including employees, and through the support of strong security requirements by isolating data access to cleared and qualified specialists.



  Purpose-Built Annotation Tools

Training data is not one-size-fits-all and Alegion has developed a robust set of labeling and annotation tools to optimize a wide-array of training data tasks. With advanced annotation tools augmented with machine learning for computer vision and natural language processing, specialists efficiently and accurately classify, annotate, and segment images, videos, and text, resulting in faster data processing and cost reduction without compromising on quality.


ML-Augmented Quality Control 

The Alegion platform features machine learning using predictive indicators to score judgements per task and dynamically determine appropriate additional quality control stages like consensus judgements, review/adjudicate/exception workflows, and administrative reviews. The per-task confidence functionality learns updates from subsequent quality control stages and is calculated relative to both use case and context, allowing the platform to continually improve escalation decisions enhancing accuracy without increasing time and cost.


AI System Integration

The Alegion platform supports end-to-end integration with an enterprise’s AI infrastructure via APIs that support real-time data exchange or by batch, and flexible input / output formats. This programmatic integration of human intelligence into the AI lifecycle accelerates model training and testing by taking data as it is generated, processing it, and returning it to the model in real-time. This process allows for continuous model testing and as models mature, escalation of low-confidence results to human judgement.

Training data for all forms of machine learning 

The Alegion platform is used to train AI for retail automation, purchase intent, conversational chat bots, aerial tracking, autonomous vehicles, security monitoring, medical diagnosis, facial recognition, object identification, financial analysis, asset valuation, audial analysis, and more.


Computer Vision

Image Classification and Annotation
Object and Instance Identification
Semantic Segmentation
Video Annotation

Natural Language Processing

Speech Recognition
Intent Analysis
Audio Annotation
Sentiment Analysis

Entity Resolution

Reference Matching
Record Linkage


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