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Alegion Control - The New Self Serve Data Labeling Platform


Alegion Control: A Better Way to Annotate Video

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Alegion Control: The Self-Service  Annotation Platform 

In the early stages of model development, experimentation is the most important activity.  Data science teams need control and flexibility to rapidly configure and experiment with  new labeling requirements and metrics. Even after they’ve proved a model, many data  science teams still want a completely customizable annotation environment that they can  use as needed for further experimentation or for privacy and security reasons.  

After all, how can you properly set up your data labeling requirements when you’re not  even sure what you need? Or how do you understand what you need to do before you  can commit to scaling an ML or AI initiative? There should be a way for data science  teams to quickly log in and use a tool that gives them more information about where their  model stands.  

This is what we set out to solve with the launch of Alegion Control, our new self-service  video annotation option. With Alegion Control, data science teams are now able to get full  access to our powerful annotation platform with the ability to customize and test their  training data and models without the commitment of time and money that comes with a  typical enterprise solution.  


Iterate and Learn Rapidly with Alegion Control 

Machine learning model development is only possible with rapid iteration on smaller initial data sets. The key to proving a model is the ability to quickly try a wide variety of combinations, making constant adjustments along the way, until you land on the model that works best. To accomplish this, data science teams need speed at every stage: faster “time to start,” faster iteration, faster results. They need to be able to power multiple proof of concept and pilot projects simultaneously.

Alegion Control is built to support your early efforts to prove your ML model. Whether you need to compare different models, make changes to data sets and compare outputs, or change labeling parameters mid-learning cycle in order to improve results, the Alegion Control platform lets you learn about what works quickly, saving you time and money on your way to a robust model. There are three key reasons why Alegion Control can help your team quickly and accurately build a computer vision or machine learning model that perfectly suits your use case. 

Rapid Iteration | Efficient Experimentation | Better Quality Control


Experiment without Fear with Alegion Control 

During the experimentation phase, data science teams are typically focused on the testing of  hypotheses, often running in parallel, with smaller amounts of data. Quality training data is of  the highest importance as models are validated or discarded based on the results. To support these efforts to reach quality training data, teams need multiple data labeling workflows, faster  time to results, and greater flexibility to allow for experimentation variables.  

Once proven, it is only the successful hypotheses that then move into the focus production  phase where the scaled labeled data is required to drive the model to its peak precision.  

Determining the labeling parameters for your training data is a crucial part of taking your model  from concept to reality, and labeling is tedious and time consuming.  

Mistakes in labeling your training data can occur at the level of the actual labeling or at the  level of your labeling guidelines, when you set requirements and define your ontology. These  kinds of mistakes need to be caught quickly to avoid wasting time and money. 

Alegion Control gives you the ability to quickly and easily catch  mistakes and try new things. You should never have to  compromise between data quality and platform performance.  

You have the ability to:

  • Add new data sets  
  • Update or alter guidelines  
  • Change classification and ontology—introducing different shape types, relationships, pixel tolerances, etc. 
  • Access real-time quality control to verify accuracy and feed information back into labeling configurations


Control Every Parameter of Your Project with Alegion Control 

Alegion Control ultimately offers data science and annotation teams control at  every level of model development and domain-specific customization. 


Using Alegion Control, your team can:  

  • Upload or link to assets that may be used across multiple projects
  • Define and modify ontology  
  • Manage the workflow annotation and review process 


In Alegion Control, your team can:  

  • Reuse video assets in different projects with different guidelines and labels
  • Allow for changes deemed necessary to ontology while labeling is in progress  without creating inconsistencies with existing data  
  • Update guidelines and instructions 


Within the Alegion Control platform, your team can:  

  • Track annotation progress  
  • Review annotations rendered in real-time  
  • Reduce review steps as model confidence increases

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Alegion’s Goal 

Alegion’s goal is to power the delivery of high-quality training data so you can power  accurate ML models. Alegion Control offers customization and ease of use for teams that  need to quickly and accurately annotate their data. You control when to log in and upload  data sets, how to configure labeling guidelines, when to annotate, and at what quality to  download your data.  

Whether you are a team geared around experimentation and rapid iteration or are  managing annotations for domain-specific needs, Alegion Control puts the power and  flexibility of Alegion’s labeling platform in your hands. 

Only Alegion’s data labeling solutions provide the flexibility, control, and expertise you need to accurately label video, image, and text. See for yourself.

About Alegion 

Alegion, based in Austin, TX, provides a complete training data solution for enterprise grade machine learning. Alegion’s training data platform enables efficient and  accurate annotation of video, images, and text to support advanced machine learning  and artificial intelligence initiatives.  

The Alegion platform features a rich user experience, support for defining and  applying robust ontologies, and integrated machine learning that powers a high  degree of automation and quality control. With integrated workflows, data security, and  project management functions, Alegion’s platform supports any size requirement from  a small data science team to thousands of annotators working on a single project.  Fortune 100 companies, systems integrators, business process organizations, and AI driven organizations leverage these features to accelerate time to value and develop  highly accurate machine learning models. 

We work across many vertical markets and would love a chance to discuss some of our use cases. Contact us today! 



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