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Building a Video Annotation Platform Part 2

DOWNLOAD Building a Video Annotation Platform Part 2

How we built the expertise we needed to identify and solve for key problems with video annotation (VA).

In Part 1 of this series, we talked about the explosion of use cases for video in the computer vision (CV) space, some of the big challenges of video annotation, and our initial quest to build a super-responsive user experience for video annotation (VA), one that operates across numerous annotators with potentially unstable internet connections and scales on the back-end.

Part 2 Outline:

  • Design Goals : 7 ambitious design goals for a better video annotation experience
  • How We Got “Generations Ahead” of the VA Competition : The importance of market feedback
  • Building Expertise through Experimentation : Benefits of a naive implementation
  • From Problems to Solutions and Results : How we solved for front-end and back-end problems

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