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How Businesses Can Repurpose Video Data for Machine Learning

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Look around you. Does your business have video-based monitoring infrastructure already in place? Whether you use drones, security cameras, or safety monitoring systems, you are likely creating and storing data that is underutilized. When you harness this pool of available business data, you can drive efficiencies within your business. Save money and generate new insights by integrating your monitoring systems with computer vision models. To start this process, label a subset of your data in order to tune your model and begin automation.

In this white paper:
  • The Current State of Enterprise Data
  • Locating and Using Existing Data Assets for New AI Applications
  • Video Machine Learning for Security, Retail, and Construction
    • Retail: More Accurate Theft Detection and Shopper Analysis
    • Security: Automated Threat Monitoring to Ensure Safety
    • Construction: Reduced Worksite Risks and Assured Compliance
  • Using Data Annotation to Begin Operationalizing Data
  • Using Alegion to Create High-Quality Training Data
Get the insights from engineers with computer vision and data labeling expertise by accessing this five page white paper.
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