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At Alegion we recognize that truth and have created a platform with the necessary tools to streamline and increase the throughput for workforces. Workforces are able to easily toggle across use cases; from complex big video to taxonomy translation. The Alegion platform was built with the smart tooling, workflow flexibility, conditional logic, and the QA / QC controls necessary to annotate with speed, accuracy and quality across all types of use cases. In some cases, Alegion reduced the total time of annotation by 85%. This one-stop solution holds 3 key elements to increase the speed and efficacy of the workers while also creating an ease of use for both the annotators as well as their managers. Alegion’s Worker Scoring and QC review portal, smart annotation tooling, and ML pre-labeling gives the teams the added help they need to reduce the tedious task time and create a streamlined workflow. 

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